Analysis of dietary supplement capsules with glucosamine using a generic method for counterions

Oral glucosamine is a dietary supplement that is marketed to support the structure and function of joints and claimed to provide pain relief for people with arthritis and osteoarthritis, although there is no clear evidence that its benefit is significantly above placebo.

The positively charged glucosamine can be formulated together with different anions, however, in this case it was combined with chloride and sulfate as counterions. The generic method used in this application was developed to enable analysis of the fifteen most common counterions used in pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements within 35 minutes, using an isocratic carbonate-based eluent.

Chloride and sulfate in dietary supplements

Ion chromatographic analysis of glucosamine dietary supplement on a Metrosep A Supp 10 column (250×4 mm) using an eluent containing 12 mM Na₂CO₃ and 24 mM NaHCO₃ in water pumped at 1.0 mL/min at 24 °C. Background reduced to ~38 µS/cm by XAMS suppressor with ASUREX-A200 automatic regenerator. Eluent pumping and conductivity detection by Metrohm 761 Compact IC. Injection of 20 µL of glucosamine capsules dissolved and diluted in mobile phase 1:10000 and filtered (0.45 µm), giving signals up to 10.3 µS/cm.

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