Enhance your ion chromatography results with Xenoic® anion membrane suppressors

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Robust high-sensitivity ion chromatography with your favourite system

Xenoic® brand products are high quality items designed for ion chromatography applications and fits to all types of instruments and systems. They allow you to implement robust high-sensitivity ion chromatography with suppressed conductivity detection on your existing liquid chromatography system.


Xenoic® XAMS is an efficient and robust chemically regenerated membrane suppressor that is easy to use. With Xenoic® XAMS in your ion chromatography system, you will reach maximum sensitivity and minimum background for numerous analyses using eluents containing either hydroxide or carbonate.

New product release

Achieve accurate analysis results and consistent retention times by using the Xenoic® EQAX eluent quality assurance products. These items ensure that your ion chromatography eluent remain stable for longer periods of time. They accomplish this by a combination of carefully selected materials for eluent storage, and by preventing ambient carbon dioxide from getting into contact with the eluent during withdrawal.

Published case study of analytical quality by design method development and validation

Diduco has published a scientific peer-reviewed case study on how modern analytical method development can be performed in the pharmaceutical industry. The work was performed according to analytical quality by design (AQbD) principles to establish the design space and robust setpoint of the ion chromatography assay, and then validated according to the guidelines established by the International Council for Harmonization (ICH).

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Designed for accurate analysis results in every laboratory

The Xenoic® product family consists of XAMS suppressors, ASUREX automatic regenerators, plus the new EQAX eluent bottles and CO2 trap cartridges for enhanced eluent stability.

The Xenoic® items can be fitted to a wide range of systems for ion chromatography, liquid chromatography and HPLC. Compatible instrument brands include Shimadzu, Waters, Agilent, Knauer, Thermo, Dionex, Metrohm, Jasco, TOA, Perkin Elmer, Cecil Instruments, Hitachi, Shodex, and many more.

How does it work?




Xenoic® XAMS

Robust chemically regenerated anion membrane suppressor for most applications using hydroxide or carbonate eluents. Designed for columns with 3-5 mm inner diameter and flow rates 0.5-2 mL/min.

Xenoic® XAMS-HC

High-capacity membrane suppressor for strong eluents and gradients. Recommended when eluent concentration exceeds 50 mM. Designed for columns with 3-5 mm inner diameter and flow rates 0.5-2 mL/min.

Xenoic® ASUREX-A200

With the Xenoic® ASUREX-A200 Regenerator, you will get the best performance out of your Xenoic® XAMS Suppressor. Compact, quiet, and with an attractive design. Can be remote controlled by any brand instrument.

Xenoic® ASUREX-A100

This traditional regenerator is robust and has been installed in many countries for nearly 20 years. The regenerator pump is, however, a bit bulky and generate some sound during operation. Designed for use with 220 V / 50 Hz power grid or separate voltage converter.

Eluent quality

Xenoic® EQAX-B1 Eluent Bottle

The EQAX Eluent Bottle maintains the quality of your ion chromatography eluent for a longer time by using carefully selected materials and by preventing ambient carbon dioxide from getting into contact with the eluent during withdrawal.

Xenoic® EQAX-TC1 Trap Cartridge

The EQAX-TC1 Trap Cartridge removes carbon dioxide from air passing through it. Fitted to the EQAX Eluent Bottles it prevents contamination of your eluent with carbonate ions. This ensures a stable eluent pH with unaffected elution strength and safeguards against increasing background and noise.


* Product lifetime depends on the analysis situation. Dirty samples will contaminate the XAMS suppressor and reduce its lifetime. Strong eluents, gradient separations, fast flow rates and over night eluent pumping will consume the capacity of the ASUREX-AR1 cartridge faster and reduce its lifetime. The AS1 solution is typically exchanged with the cartridge. The EQAX-TC1 trap cartridge can protect larger volumes of eluent if it is capped between use, so ambient air has limited access to its carbon dioxide absorbing resin.

** Compatibility indicated by product numbers of discontinued SeQuant brand SAMS and CARS items from Merck Millipore & Sigma Aldrich.

Getting started

Starter kit

A complete kit for most applications with 3-5 mm ID columns. Includes Xenoic® XAMS, Xenoic® ASUREX A-200 with cartridge and solution, plus all required tubing, fittings and accessories to implement eluent suppression in your IC system.

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