Enhance your ion chromatography results with Xenoic® anion membrane suppressors


Xenoic® XAMS is an efficient and robust chemically regenerated membrane suppressor that is easy to use. With Xenoic® XAMS in your ion chromatography system you will reach maximum sensitivity and minimum background for numerous analyses using eluents containing either hydroxide or carbonate.

Separation of selected amino acids

Amino acids are the fundamental building blocks of all proteins and therefore essential constituents of many nutritional supplements and can also be present in pharmaceutical formulations. Due to the highly hydrophilic nature and zwitterionic charge at neutral pH of many amino acids and their structurally related degradation products, hydrophilic interaction chromatography is an attractive mode of separation that require no derivatization, while evaporative light scattering enables rather sensitive detection of these poorly light-absorbing compounds.

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Separation of simple sugars and carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates are frequent ingredients in drinks, food, dietary supplements and pharmaceutical formulations. One approach to their analysis is hydrophilic interaction chromatography combined with evaporative light scattering detection, although this might be challenging due to the possibility of reducing sugars to mutarotate and thereby change their conformation into other anomers with different retention.

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Separation of nucleosides and nucleobases

Being one of the basic components of all cells as building blocks of DNA and RNA, there is a high and growing need for bioanalytical methods to determine nucleosides, nucleobases and related compounds in a variety of samples. Hydrophilic interaction chromatography is one of the most suitable approaches for this, due to the hydrophilicity of these compounds as demonstrated by their negative logP and logD values.

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Compatible with most instrument brands​

Xenoic® brand products are high quality items designed for ion chromatography applications and fits to all types of instruments and systems. Compatible instrument brands include Shimadzu, Waters, Agilent, Knauer, Thermo, Dionex, Metrohm, Jasco, TOA, Cecil Instruments, Shodex, and many more.

Xenoic® XAMS suppressors are fully compatible with the discontinued SeQuant SAMS & CARS by Merck Millipore.

How does it work?

Suppressors are needed when performing trace analysis of anions in the low ppm range (mg/L) using conductivity detection. The purpose of the suppressor is to enhance signal-to-noise ratio by increasing sensitivity and reducing the background. The suppressor accomplish this by removing eluent cations and replacing them with hydronium ions (protons), thereby neutralizing the eluent. The suppressor is thus connected downstream of the separation column, before the detector.

To obtain optimum conditions for the suppressor an automatic regenerator is used. Xenoic® XAMS regenerated by Xenoic® ASUREX constitutes a powerful chemical suppression system without any need to prepare regeneration solutions on a regular basis. The external regeneration cartridge holds enough protons for months of unattended operation of the Xenoic® XAMS.

The strongly basic eluents typically used in suppressed ion chromatography are not always compatible with chromatographic equipment constructed from stainless steel. This may affect lifetime of columns, suppressors and equipment since metal ions may continuously leak into the eluent stream. One solution to this issue is to use instruments where the pump heads and flow lines are constructed from poly(etheretherketone), PEEK. Another approach, that works well with carbonate eluents where pH is in the range 11-12, is to passivate all metal surfaces in contact with the eluent and replace majority of the tubing to PEEK. Hydroxide eluents do often have a pH 12-13, which is too high for many stainless steel-based instruments.




Xenoic® XAMS

Robust chemically regenerated anion membrane suppressor for most applications using hydroxide or carbonate eluents. Designed for columns with 3-5 mm inner diameter and flow rates 0.5-2 mL/min.

Xenoic® XAMS-HC

High-capacity membrane suppressor for strong eluents and gradients. Recommended when eluent concentration exceeds 50 mM. Designed for columns with 3-5 mm inner diameter and flow rates 0.5-2 mL/min.

Xenoic® ASUREX-A200

With the Xenoic® ASUREX-A200 Regenerator, you will get the best performance out of your Xenoic® XAMS Suppressor. Compact, quiet, and with an attractive design. Can be remote controlled by any brand instrument.

Xenoic® ASUREX-A100

This traditional regenerator is robust and has been installed in many countries for nearly 20 years. The regenerator pump is, however, a bit bulky and generate some sound during operation. Designed for use with 220 V / 50 Hz power grid or separate voltage converter.


* Product lifetime depends on the analysis situation. Dirty samples will contaminate the XAMS suppressor and reduce its lifetime. Strong eluents, gradient separations, fast flow rates and over night eluent pumping will consume the capacity of the ASUREX-AR1 cartridge faster and reduce its lifetime. The AS1 solution is typically exchanged with the cartridge.

** Compatibility indicated by product numbers of discontinued SeQuant brand SAMS and CARS items from Merck Millipore.

Getting started

Starter kit

A complete kit for most applications with 3-5 mm ID columns. Includes Xenoic® XAMS, Xenoic® ASUREX A-200 with cartridge and solution, plus all required tubing, fittings and accessories to implement eluent suppression in your IC system.

Any questions?

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