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Tobias Jonsson

CEO, PhD in chemistry
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Our story

Founded by Dr. Knut Irgum of Umeå University, Diduco was formed to establish a knowledge center for liquid chromatography in the north of Sweden.

Building on more than 30 years of experience from both research and practical applications we are here to improve liquid chromatography and bring proven research to industry applications faster than before.

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Prof. Knut Irgum constructed and delivered the first membrane suppressor for ion chromatography from his company SciTech AB in Umeå, which later was developed into SeQuant AB. The original suppressor design was later refined, and the product portfolio expanded to include also a suppressor regenerator plus accessories for ion chromatography.



SeQuant AB pioneered hydrophilic interaction chromatography by launching the zwitterionic column ZIC-HILIC and later writing the technical booklet “A Practical Guide to HILIC” which was printed in more than 10 000 copies and was immensely popular for download. In the coming years, Prof. Irgum’s research group at Umeå University continued to develop new stationary phases for HILIC and published the review “Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography” which still is the most cited paper ever in Journal of Separation Science.


Merck GmbH acquired SeQuant AB for its ZIC-HILIC column technology and ion chromatography suppressors and merged these products into their portfolio. Additional products were developed until the site in Umeå was transformed into a global centre for technical support of analytical chromatography in general and high-performance liquid chromatography in particular.



Diduco AB was founded by Prof. Knut Irgum and the first employees from the recently closed site of Merck SeQuant AB were recruited. One year later, Dr. Tobias Jonsson joined the team, and production of membrane suppressors was resumed under the brand Xenoic® following its termination by Merck GmbH. In the next few years, the portfolio was expanded with additional products, and a webshop with global delivery was opened.

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