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For Xenoic® XAMS suppressors, ASUREX regenerators, and EQAX eluent bottles and accessories.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. The XAMS anion membrane suppressor with ASUREX regenerator fits to chromatography systems and detectors from Thermo, Metrohm, Shimadzu, Knauer, Cecil Instruments, Hitachi, Waters, Agilent, Jasco, Dionex, Shodex and several other instrument manufacturers.

Yes. The XAMS anion membrane suppressor with ASUREX regenerator is suitable for neutralizing aqueous eluents containing hydroxide, carbonate, bicarbonate and a combination of these.

Yes. The XAMS suppressor with ASUREX regenerator can neutralize aqueous eluents with concentrations from 1 mM to 50 mM or more depending on the set-up and flow rate. For even stronger eluents we recommend the XAMS-HC high-capacity suppressor.

Yes, indeed. XAMS is fully compatible to the discontinued SeQuant SAMS suppressor previously produced by Merck Millipore.

Yes, certainly. XAMS can replace other type of suppressors and most often give similar or better performance.

Not fully. Maximum allowed concentrations of organic solvents in the eluent is 30% acetone, 8% acetonitrile or 5% methanol.

Think of it as an insurance. The pressure relief valve will protect the membrane in the XAMS suppressor from rupturing if exposed to high downstream pressures.

Yes absolutely. All consumables for the ASUREX regenerator are fully compatible with the SeQuant CARS system previously produced by Merck Millipore and distributed by Sigma-Aldrich, VWR and others.

Typically 6-12 months. The total capacity of the trap cartridge is at least 100 L of air (with 400 ppm CO2) which can be utilized fully without risking carbon dioxide breakthrough by employing cartridge stacking.


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