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Enable trace analysis of anions by enhancing your ion chromatography instrument with an installation of the Xenoic® XAMS suppressor. 


Improve analysis of polar compounds

Diduco help you to develop or improve chemical analysis methods performed on HPLC, UHPLC, LC-MS and related instruments. 

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Diduco is an agile research partner and manufacturer of products for improving liquid chromatographic analysis of polar compounds. Our experienced scientists develop and optimise methods for robust chemical analysis of charged and neutral small molecules. We focus on separation techniques such as hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC), ion exclusion chromatography (IEC) and ion chromatography (IC). We also guide and assist our customers’ internal teams in these processes.

Focus industries

Modern healthcare depends on strict quality control and analyses determining identity and concentrations of active ingredients, impurities, raw materials, counterions and other excipients in pharmaceutical formulations. Diduco contributes by providing reliable products and developing new methods following the ICH guidelines.

Ensuring that water, juice, beer, wine and other beverages, dietary supplements and food ingredients, contain low levels of contaminants and are safe to eat, but include the stated amounts of nutrients, is of primary concern to ensure a healthy life for people. 

Producing and storing energy in an efficient, reliable and sustainable manner is a monumental challenge for mankind. In energy plants and battery electrolytes it is therefore important to monitor contaminants and degradation products, since they are likely to affect the productivity, safety and duration of the systems.

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