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Separation of chloride, nitrate and sulfate using Hamilton PRP-X110 column

Separation of inorganic anion standards at eluent conditions recommended by the column manufacturer.

Background and noise was suppressed by Xenoic® XAMS membrane suppressor with the Xenoic® ASUREX automatic regenerator.

Hamilton PRP-X110 with XAMS suppressor

Ion chromatography of anions on a Hamilton PRP-X110 column (150×4.1 mm) using an eluent containing 1.8 mM Na₂CO₃ and 1.7 mM NaHCO₃ in water pumped at 0.8 mL/min at ambient temperature. Background reduced by XAMS suppressor with ASUREX-A100 automatic regenerator. Eluent pumping, injection and conductivity detection by Cecil Instruments IonQuest 2 system. Injection of 100 µL of about 0.2 mg/L of Cl¯, NO₃¯, SO₄²¯ in water.

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