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Tartrate in dietary supplements
ion chromatography

Analysis of dietary supplement capsules with carnitine using a generic method for counterions

Oral L-carnitine is a dietary supplement that has been shown to reduce fatigue in elderly people with low muscular endurance, but its effects on athletes during physical activity are not well-supported. Although this endogenous compound is well-known for its involvement in the mitochondrial oxidation of long-chain fatty acids, no scientific evidence has been found that carnitine in isolation enhances fat-burning.

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Pharamaceutical counterions with XAMS suppressor and ASUREX-A200
ion chromatography

Generic method for isocratic separation of fifteen common pharmaceutical counterions

Many medicines and dietary supplements are bases that carry a positive charge, and consequently these small molecules are accompanied by negatively charged counterions. Such anionic excipients may influence the properties of the pharmaceutical formulation and can also influence the effect of the active ingredient since different ion pairs can have different dissolution rates or abilities to penetrate cell walls.

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