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Producing and storing energy in an efficient, reliable and sustainable manner is a monumental challenge for mankind. In energy plants and battery electrolytes it is therefore important to monitor contaminants and degradation products, since they are likely to affect the productivity, safety and duration of the systems.

Traditional thermal power plants are typically equipped with heat exchangers, coolers or steam condensers, where it is important to monitor species such as chloride and sulfate that can cause and accelerate corrosion. Modern lithium ion battery cells contain ionic liquid electrolytes and the presence of other charged species could be detrimental for their stability and lifetime. In cooperation with manufacturers, Diduco have screened for quality control procedures that can reveal what contaminants may be present or form in battery electrolytes.


Electrolytes in rechargeable batteries for cars, mobile phones, and other portable electric devices typically contain negatively charged counterions that together with lithium and a non-aqueous solvent form an ionic liquid. The bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide anion is a rather new ionic liquid constituent which thus need new quality control procedures.

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