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XAMS-HC High-capacity suppressor

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Brand: Xenoic®


Efficient and robust chemically regenerated membrane suppressor for ion chromatography of anions using eluents with high ion-strengths or gradients. Recommended for eluent strengths from 50 mM. Can suppress eluents up to at least 100 mM delivered at 1 mL/min. Enables maximum sensitivity and minimum background using eluents containing either hydroxide or carbonate. Easy to use and fits to any brand instrument. Designed for analytical columns 3-5 mm ID and flow rates 0.5-2.0 mL/min. Use with ASUREX regenerator for optimum performance, but is also compatible with sulfuric acid regeneration. Not compatible with organic solvents or post-column pressures exceeding 10 bar and to protect against high pressures it is therefore recommended to install a pressure relief valve upstream of the suppressor.

Can be fitted to all brands of liquid chromatography equipment (HPLC & IC), and is fully compatible with the discontinued SeQuant SAMS Gradient Suppressor by Merck Millipore (P/N 1.50610.0001).

- Product technology explained
- Technical support with FAQ and download of manuals
- Applications with XAMS-HC High-capacity suppressor

Made in Sweden. Xenoic® is a registered brand name of Diduco AB.

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