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EQAX-B2 Eluent Bottle (2 L) with CO2 trap

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Brand: Xenoic®


The EQAX Eluent Bottle maintains the quality of your ion chromatography eluent for a longer time by using carefully selected materials and by preventing ambient carbon dioxide from getting into contact with the eluent during withdrawal. Holds 2 litres of eluent. Eluent filters (2 ea) and EQAX-TC1 Trap Cartridge (2 ea) are included in the delivery.

This HDPE plastic eluent bottle fits to any type of liquid chromatography system and enhances the stability and lifetime of your ion chromatography eluents. Contrary to glass bottles, the HDPE material will not release any noticeable amounts of ions into your eluent, thus avoiding increase of background and noise in your conductivity detector. The eluent bottle is equipped with the EQAX-TC1 Trap Cartridge, which removes carbon dioxide from the incoming air, thus preventing contamination of your eluent with carbonate ions. This ensures a stable eluent pH with unaffected elution strength and safeguards against increasing background and noise.

The EQAX Eluent Bottle comes with a specially designed, tightly sealing cap with three different ports. The two ports for 1/4"-28 fittings are designed for either eluent withdrawal through the preinstalled 4 µm porous polyethylene eluent filters, or for helium gas sparging during eluent preparation and storage, thus further improving the quality and lifetime of your ion chromatography eluent. The third is a female luer port and this is used for filtering of incoming air through the supplied EQAX-TC1 Trap Cartridge for carbon dioxide removal.

The proprietary carbon dioxide adsorption material packed into the EQAX-TC1 Trap Cartridge changes colour from blue to yellow when its capacity limit has been reached, thus automatically signalling when they need to be replaced. Each cartridge is designed for protection of at least 100 litres of eluent at flow rates up to 5 mL/min, thus typically lasting 6-12 months or longer, depending on your application flow rate.

- Technical support with FAQ and download of manuals
- Applications with EQAX Eluent bottles and CO2 trap cartridges

Made in Sweden. Xenoic® is a registered brand name of Diduco AB.

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